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Keep Fido's Paws Happy This Winter with This Easy DIY Paw Balm

The cold, harsh elements of a frosty winter can wreak havoc on your hound's paws. Keep them moisturized and healthy with this affordable recipe for DIY paw balm.

Keep Fido's Paws Happy This Winter with This Easy DIY Paw Balm

When the weather gets cold and snowy, a dog's paws might crack and bleed. Store-bought paw balms can get pretty pricey. Soothe your pooch’s paws with this simple DIY dog paw balm recipe. It will take care of your dog's paws and save some of your hard-earned dollars.

When to use paw balm for dogs

If you live in an area with cold, harsh winters, your four-legged friend might suffer from dry paws prone to cracking and bleeding. Your pup’s pads could also take strain in a hot, dry summer. If you don’t have a pet-friendly garden and like to take your pooch out for a walk no matter the weather. This DIY doggy paw balm creates a protective layer on your canine’s paws.

Paw balm for dogs: benefits

To use this easy DIY dog paw balm, simply rub your canine’s paws in the tin of balm before heading out of the house. The beeswax creates a protective layer on the skin, helping to limit wear and tear. Beeswax can also act as a humectant, which means it binds to water and helps keep the skin hydrated. The different oils you add to your DIY paw balm all act to nourish and protect the skin.

Can you use this paw balm for cats?

If you have a particularly outdoorsy cat, you may want to protect their pretty pads before they head out into the harsh elements. However, having your cat clamber on your couches with paw balm on their toes may leave plenty of grease marks on your furniture!

DIY paw balm: Ingredients

It takes four simple ingredients to make this DIY paw balm for dogs. You should be able to find these ingredients at your local health foods store.

  • Beeswax – This is the core ingredient for the paw balm recipe and cannot be substituted for anything else. 
  • Mango butter – You can swap out the mango butter for shea butter. However, don’t substitute cocoa butter for mango butter. If your dog licks the paw balm off their paws, the cocoa butter may make them ill.
  • Coconut oil – Use scented or unscented coconut oil.
  • Olive oil – If you don’t have olive oil, you can substitute sunflower oil, canola oil, or sweet almond oil.

Paw balm recipe

This easy DIY paw balm recipe takes just a few minutes to make. You can prepare this paw balm in your microwave or in a double boiler on the stovetop.

Microwave method

Simply place the four ingredients in a glass bowl and heat in the microwave for thirty-second increments. Stir in between each round to ensure an even spread of heat. The beeswax should melt completely after about three minutes. Once the mixture is smooth and even, pour it into tins or glass containers to use when you need it.

Stovetop method

Heat your ingredients for DIY paw balm in a double boiler over low heat. Stir continuously to ensure even heat distribution. Once all the beeswax and oils have melted and you have a homogenous mixture, remove the mixture from the heat. Pour the paw balm into jars and leave to cool before sealing with tight-fitting lids to store until needed.

Keeping your pooch’s paws perfect doesn’t need to cost the earth

Keeping your pet safe and healthy is always front of mind for doting pet owners. Check out these helpful tips for keeping your pet safe in Winter and this post for making your garden. If you need to stock up on dog food, cold weather booties, or a new Winter blanket for your favorite furry friend, download's coupon book finder to look for deals and savings in your neighborhood.