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SaveBeauty & Style The Nail Trends You Need in 2022!

The Nail Trends You Need in 2022!

Looking for the top nail trends for 2022? From shades to dip nails, nail art, and more, we’ve got you covered!

The Nail Trends You Need in 2022!

All around the world, people are gearing up to go out again, and for a lot of us that means it's time to get our nails done! Don't know what to ask for beyond a basic French tip? We’ve got the nail trends you need for 2022.

1. Dip nails galore

Dip nails are trending at the top of manicure lists these days. They’re super durable, with lots of color options, and you can even do nail art like French tips. Plus with more manufacturers making powders and kits (and prices for everything going up) it’s getting easier than ever to find what you need to do dip nails at home. It's a relatively simple process, too. After prepping nails, all you need to do is apply a bonder, dip your nails in colored powder, then use a sealant as a top coat to lock the powder in place. Powders come in all kinds of styles, from cream shades and metallics to glitters—give them a try!

2. Back to basics with blue and pink

Looking for a haute new color trend? There are a couple for 2022, and blue is one of them. This year, it’s all about lighter shades of blue. While there’s nothing wrong with a good navy, the popular colors range from periwinkles to soft sky blues.

Pink is another favorite this year. Dark pinks and neons are stepping aside for pastels. Look for soft baby blushes and bubblegum pink. You can even two-trend with a two-tone look that mixes up pastel pinks and blues.

3. What’s happening with nail art?

In the world of nail art, we’re seeing a few things trending. First up, French tips with a twist. While the traditional white-and-nude look is still popular, people are also going out on a limb with rainbow tips, glitter tips, metallic, animal prints, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Another nail art trend? Nail stickers! And we’re here for it. Pick up a pack of cute stickers, apply them to your nails, seal them with a top coat, and voila!

For the truly artistic, there are nailscapes. That’s right, tiny landscapes on your nails. But don’t worry, you don't need to be Monet to recreate this look. Since the nail is such a small canvas, most patterns focus on simple, easy-to-paint landscape elements like waves, clouds, and so on.

4. What’s your favorite shape?

Tired of stiletto nails or your usual almond shape? This year, coffin nails are the shape that everyone is rocking. Coffin nails are reminiscent of those old-fashioned coffins shaped like a kite, hence the name. To get the look, grow your nails out long and file the sides to create a narrow, tapered look, just as you would for stiletto nails. But instead of filing your nails to a point, leave the tips blunt and square to get that vampire-coffin shape.

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