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How to Look Refreshed and Rejuvenated Every Day

Looking for quick tips to look well-rested after a late night? We'll show you how to look refreshed after no sleep!

How to Look Refreshed and Rejuvenated Every Day

Stayed up too late reading that page-turner? Got a pre-coffee Zoom with another time zone? No worries! Use these fast and easy fixes to perk yourself up day and night. 

1. Make concealer your bestie

Guess what? Even though many people think you're supposed to wear concealer with foundation, there's no such rule. If you've got a case of raccoon eyes from staying up too late, brighten the undereye area with concealer and skip the rest of the makeup. Buff it on lightly with a brush, and then (here's the big secret) make it look natural by making sure there are no sharp edges. Blend the concealer down onto your cheeks to make it vanish into your skin.

2. Embrace the rainbow

Never tried using color-correcting makeup before? Coming in strange shades of lavender, green, yellow, and orangey-red, it's no surprise! But it's another excellent way to camouflage dark undereye circles. Here's what each shade can do:

  • Purple counteracts yellow. Use it when sallow shadows creep into the undereye area.
  • Green neutralizes redness. It works wonders on those days when your skin won't calm down. You can also use it where the skin is red around healing acne.
  • Yellow counteracts blue and purple. If your skin tone is on the lighter end of the spectrum, use this shade to make those dark circles under your eyes disappear.
  • Orange and red also remove dark circles. It's best for people with warm and dark skin tones.

For an instant refresh, choose one of the shades above, buff it onto the problem area, then add some concealer over the top—you'll be good to go!

3. Chill out 

Salty snacks, carbs, alcohol make for a fun evening out but can leave you feeling a little bloated the morning. Don't sweat it! Cold constricts the blood vessels that cause puffiness and redness, so try an ice pack for 10 minutes to eliminate puffiness.

Don't have an ice pack? Frozen vegetables—especially bags of peas or corn—work well, too. Or pop a stone or metal facial roller in the freezer to treat yourself to a frosty facial massage.

4. Wear your caffeine!

Caffeine is a morning survival essential in more ways than one. Add something caffeinated to your routine for redness and puffiness around the eyes. Caffeine-infused serums and creams work wonderfully, but if you don't happen to have any on hand, then make some caffeinated tea, chill the tea bags, and place them over your eyes for a few minutes to make that redness and swelling go away.

5. Mask while you sleep

How do you keep a sheet mask on overnight? Or prevent a mud mask from crumbling all over your bedding? You don't! 

The secret behind this tip is to use the right kind of sleeping mask. Skip the traditional sheet or clay mask, and instead, spread a thick layer of a favorite serum, oil, or night cream over your skin. Choose based on what your skin needs. Try oils when you need an emollient to eliminate flaky dryness, such as serums and creams featuring hyaluronic acid to plump and brighten dehydrated skin. Wash off any residual product in the morning, do your usual skincare and makeup routine, then seize the day with your newfound fresh-faced superpowers.